Monday, March 5, 2018

Going commercial

Going commercial

I would hope so, I mean sure it will be nice if I sooner or later, rather sooner, start to make a living out of my life and work. One way to that is is by simply selling art works which I very recently started to do via PattyMorgan online art gallery founded in the Netherlands.
See previous blog post for a example of that or just visit my section by clicking the following link:

another way of getting more commercial is by trying to sell my expertise as a maker, photographer, videographer, editor, writer etc.

Therefor I am currently working on a new website to promote my work and skills, but also working on get my skills and work spread out among different media platforms. One of such is a social media kinda-like platform for creative industry. The website is founded and in that sense located in the UK and therefor also must of its users still though I believe it is another way to present my work and get more viewers and hopefully known and picked up.

Being and artist and work in the creative field nowadays requires more of a different approach then for example 20 years ago. and I have to focus on selling a broad spectrum of work that I can deliver on a global market.

for an view on my more commercial aimed portfolio visit my profile at thedots;

A new website with more info and full portfolio plus cv will soon be launched. First things first.

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