Sunday, December 25, 2016

In Search for the Sublime Blue:

In Search for the Sublime Blue:

Trip To Storžič 

It's another day I planned a new field trip. This time I will head for my befriended mount Storžič. A summit some two hour walk North East of Kranj, my home town for the time being.

I knew that somewhere around
Storžič and the surrounding hills the light will be (when the weather is perfect and according to the local weather forecast it should that day) perfect and shall fall in between the mountains in a mystic way and it must be easy to find that sublime blue light I am looking for.

If the weather was good. Only I couldn't really predict that and apparently neither the local weather forecast. The milky white clouds which formed during the past night, 
didn't disappear by sunrise and it would stay for the rest of the day. The clouds were so low and so thick that sunlight wasn't only diffused by it but also gave the land a monotone grey-blueish tint.

I when I left early in that morning, still with hope for better weather and a clear sky in the coming afternoon, the sky looked pale grey. The idea of giving up the potential of this very day never crossed my mind, with unintentional obstinacy I went on, heading towards the foot of the mountain. All I carried with me was hope, 
obstinate hope that during the day this mass of clouds would break open and sunlight would come through.

But the further I got, the more time passed, the later it became meaning that I got closer to the time of sunset, and then there won't be any light at all. I would have to turn back, and find my way in the dark night through a damp forrest for at least 3 kilometers.

And not only time passed and the kilometers under my feet I also started to gain hight with every step I took in the direction of the mountains I got closer to the altitude of 900 meters, or 889 meters to be precise. That's were sv. Lovrenc is situated, a little white church on top of the hill on the foot of mount
Storžič and looking out over Bašelj.

I had at least 10 kilometers behind me and passed
Bašelj when I started to get surrounded by thick mist. Everything around me became covered with fog and before I knew I was completely sucked up in a bleached white out landscape. I must have enter the same altitude that clouds found as there place to rest this grey December day.

I realized that this must be the clouds, I feel a rush of energy inside me knowing now that if this are the clouds then I can get through them. I can get on the other side, I can get on top of them. Reach the sun, if the sun doesn't break through then I will do, I just have to climb as high as needed. And since I was on my way up to
Storžič anyway, that wouldn't be that much of a problem.

But until now I only got lost in the clouds. The surrounding landscape disappeared in the thick fog which enclosed me as an white blanket, wetting my cloths and cooling my face.

Only in the forrest, more up hill it did open up again, even though this happened just a tiny bit, it gave a certain feeling of release. It seemed like the trees could prevent the clouds from entering the forrest all the way to ground level, although they couldn't prevent the cold from making them turn frosty white. I was caught in a winter wonderland with no view on any sky.

When I reached the top of the hill with the church on it, I was certain that I now was the epic center of the clouds. The church was barely visible, even from a few meters distance and the view on the valley all the way to Kranj and further, which you normally have from here was totally covered by this dense white wall of what is simply just water. The idea that an panoramic view stretches out just a few meters in front of me behind this white curtain made me shiver.
I turned around the church knowing there should be a path behind it leading me me higher up, above the clouds. to be continued...   

all images © Martijn van Mierlo 2016