Friday, October 7, 2016

Architecture for Contemplation

Architecture for Contemplation: #1 The (Anti)- Phone booth

In November of 2015 I visited the desert in Iran, in search for solitude, silence and contemplation, after reading Edward Abbey's; 'Desert Solitaire'.  See more about this in previous posts: 'Desert Light #1', 'Desert Light#2' & '#3', '#4', and '#5'

I kept continuing thinking about solitude, silence and contemplation. And came to the concept of architecture for contemplation. Of course the relation between contemplation and architecture isn't new, we have churches wherein 
one can go for contemplation and if someone really wish silence and solitude one can go to an monastery. 

But what I wanted was to come up with a new concept, one that fits more into our contemporay society and urban landscape and even has somehow a critical reflection up on our daily lives.
The (Anti)- Phone booth is a first example of many concepts I worked on lately. 
This so called (Anti)- Phone booth brings back an urban object, one that slowly disappeared in the recent years, in our modern urban landscape. The reason why this object disappeared is also the reason why this object should come back, however with another, new meaning and function.
The contemporary society doesn't have any need for phone booths anymore since almost everyone has a mobile phone, with which we can and are connected with the rest of the world 24/7.
Meaning that we rarely, for some of us even never, experience a moment of silence, we hardly can't find solitude. 
There is no more room and time for contemplation in our (hectic) daily modern lives. With the concept of the (Anti)- Phone booth, which comes along with a manifesto, I plea for reinventing the phone booth as a place for contemplation. The name 'Anti- Phone booth' already gives an idea of what it should be the sketches below will give a better insight into this concept. 

Scan of 'Concept Architecture for Contemplation: #1 (Anti)- Phone Booth'

Scan of 'Concept Location Architecture for Contemplation: #1 (Anti)- Phone Booth'

 'First Draft for Architecture for Contemplation: #1 (Anti)- Phone Booth'
'Sketch for Architecture for Contemplation: #1 (Anti)- Phone Booth'

'Sketch for Architecture for Contemplation: #1 (Anti)- Phone Booth'

This project is not realized yet and still in the concept phase.
All rights belong to the artist and thinker, this includes concept, sketches, and text.