Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kranj #6

Kranj #6

Fall / Autumn

It is close to the end of August
And I feel I am not quite ready yet.

Autumn seems to come more early this year.
And she sure will kick in hard.

Turn the trees into colors that differs from green.
Fields will awake covered with a blanket,
that wets the grass and weeds,
and left the grey clay, soaked in the morning sun.

Although the sun still rises in the east as she always does,
she now comes up it a little more to the south.
Casting shadows on the foot of the mountains,
and draw golden lines on mountain ridges.

But the saddest of all,
I have to leave,
to disappear,
back deep into the low lowlands.

Leaving the mountains behind,
and as they slowly vanish on the horizon
they will turn once more into the darkest blue.


Kranj, 28 Aug 2016 (Last day in Kranj (for now)

"Sunrise above the Kamnik–Savinja Alps, Aug, 2016"
"Sunrise above the Kamnik–Savinja Alps #2, Aug, 2016"