Sunday, July 24, 2016

Northern Lights

Northern Lights 
Writings from an Unbound Europe

(Severni sij, 1984)  by Drago Jančar
Translated from the Slovene by Michael Biggins, 2001

The book Northern Light by the Slovenian writer Drago Jančar brought me to Maribor (second city of Slovenia).  The book tells the story of Josef Erdamn a business man who got stuck in Maribor a city situated on the banks of the Drava river.  What follows are many drunken nights, his wandering through the city and love affairs.
And his dreams about a blue sphere and his search for this sphere from his childhood memory inside the many churches of Maribor.
In Maribor I searched for traces of this story.  I used photography and video to document my search. As in my film 'Sometimes it's the Great Silence of Outer Space' I will make a visual novel out of this material. Although this time I won't write my own script, but stay true to the book.

"A closed, triangular platform that narrows and bends gently towards the Drava. It feeds directly out onto the bridge and in the morning it offers a nice view of the red roofs of the old quarter of Lent,
drenched in sunlight.
" -page. 70

This project is still in full progress and will function as another attempt to deal with both photography and film in relation with text, poetry and prose.
More will follow up soon...