Saturday, April 2, 2016

Memories as a Medium

Although it is hard to put my ideas in a linear way on paper I would make a start with it here on Blogspot.

The starting point is my trip to the Desert of Iran last November (2015).
I went to the desert to experience the silence, pure silence.
Just like the writer that inspired me and made me go to the desert; Edward Abbey and just like him I got overwhelmed by the beauty of the light in the desert during sunrise, sunset the night and day.
Although I photographed and filmed these moments the material didn't come close to the experience I had and that became the starting point for a new project.

A (re)search to represent a memory and a experience.
I will try to use this blog to get grip on my research into different kind of topics.
The main topics will be; the 'Sublime light', 'Solitude' and 'Silence'.

All these topics will relate to different kind of art works, writers, thinkers, philosophy etc.
From Thoreau's world famous 'Walden' to the less known 'Desert solitaire' of Edward Abbey and important art works from artists like James Turrel, Richard Long, Gerhard Richter, Olafur Eliasson and many others.

From photography, film, videoart to Sculptures, land art, installation art to writing, poetry, romanticism and science. The theory of colors aswell Goethe as Newton.

Poetry and science will come together.

"Hij begroef zich zelf in zijn herinneringen..."