Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A long story as a update about my current life in Slovenia.

Living in Slovenia, not as easy as thought.
Even though I get loads of help and support I have to admit after some 6 months that it isn't as easy as I thought it should be after all. Although I hardly can imagine what I must have been thinking back then in September but I am sure I thought it would be easier in certain ways. Nonetheless every single bit is worth it one way or the other. Struggles might be an important part of life, or at least in mine.

In the last couple of months many things did change and happen, and mostly for the sake of good.
I made steps but not always in the exact direction as I had hoped they would, it is a long journey with more hills to climb then I could foresee. Yet like I mentioned before I am think it is all worth it for many reason and thus I am also grateful for being here. And now since the snow started to disappear, and the cool wind brings a subtle taste of spring to my room, I again feel even more motivated and energetic. It might be also true that these past two months, covered with snow and darkness, has taken something from me, but I am assured that what winter took, will come back with spring and give me everything to renew and continue.

Even though the mountain tops are still covered with snow, which as for now I might never happen to see uncovered again from this view, I am assured spring, thus summer is coming quick. About that view on the now still snowcapped alps,well obviously the snow will be gone soon but unfortunately I will be gone even sooner. And so I won't be able to see them again like I did last summer and autumn.

It is not exactly true, I ain't leaving for real, but I am going to move to another apartment, one that wont have 'the' view, how much I will miss that. But that change will sure be very good and important for me, this new step is something that I am just very much looking forward to. I can't dive to deep into this matter since I want to give a more general update related to my current status in live and my artistic work and such. But sure I can say that relocating will do me good, and more then that.
It feels as if this step of moving, from my current (student) room to a apartment,will finally make things more certain and decisive. This step will force me even more to make it happen here in Slovenia, and that heading back North for longer period will be more or less completely out of the picture. Whereas until now this was, how bad to think like this, but truly always still an last option somewhere flooding in the back of my mind.

Also the location of my (near) future home, is wonderful and might will make me more connected with the center of this town, thus the center of it all, and most likely help and motivate me (and my surroundings) much/even more, to become successful.

Until now my life here didn't seemed to be a great success, the few job interviews I had were a failure, or didn't work out in certain ways. Of course a big part is here totally on me, however it is a fact that things just aren't easy, and ok it is true I do have a handicap, so to say, I simply don't skill the language yet. It happened that I got invited for job interviews, even when they already knew about the lacking knowledge of the Slovene language and the outcome was always the same, the language was an issue after all.

Time passed and time and there seemed to be less and less of it while I kept trying to get job interviews, learning the language and what all not, I also tried to keep being creative and make my artistic career rolling. But unfortunately I had to find out that this didn't go well together, at least not that much. Basically because everything just consumes a lot of time and effort, and meanly because it is hard to get a real focus and get into the 'flow' of working when there is a constant underlying stress and unrest about getting things done and straight. I never was really able to either work well on my projects or learning the language everything was always bit of half work.

Luckily though I didn't completely stop making work and always kept trying to re-edit my '...Blue' film and started to pick up an old project named 'Flow'. Still though I should have worked harder and more on these projects and created more content, I am not much satisfied with myself on this. Also should I have worked harder on learning the language as well as finding a job, but in the end a day only has 24 hours and when you reach that limit you automatically roll into a next and so and so on and even if you try very hard to squeeze more of those hours in a day you basically end up having a week to short on the end of your month. Time can be a enemy in a sense but is also the best friend to known about since structure is needed in the end of the day no matter how long that day last.

But as I said before things did change such as the plan to move to another place where I will also be able to divide work space from kitchen and the place to sleep, this might help my productivity somehow.

Another major change was that I recently have starting my own firm in Slovenia, about this whole procedure I can and will write a story later on, it is quite a story for sure can tell you that.

This firm have lead to some job opportunities, mostly future plans, but one is a past story already and an episode as well. The job resulted into not being paid (until now at least). All in all not everything is a failure or wrong but at same instant isn't very much working out for me either at least not for now, but I keep hopes high and wish for the best, or just better, that will do for me as well.

Anyhow I keep on going and as I have mentioned before on this blog and as well on my website and personal Facebook account, new work is coming up, the project Flow is still on its way.

And there is something else on the horizon, one of the things I love to do her in Slovenia is hiking some might knew that already, although hiking in mountains and nature, I have to admit that in the Netherlands I would never really feel any urge for a hike, I rather bike.

Nonetheless in Slovenia I do hike, and enjoy it a lot and would love to share my experiences, thoughts and ideas with other, so I decided to start up a youtube channel. Where I will Vlog about what all not, and use the hikes as a main theme and a vehicle to take the audience with me while expressing and executing ideas, concepts and opinions. In the beginning it will be mostly focused on the hikes and all related details such as routes and all other information, but the idea is to also integrate touristic information as if a short documentary about the locations I visited and at same instant I will also integrate other topics just like any other vlogger would do. But in its core it will be hiking, therefore it will be names Hiking with Marty. Already started the channel only still have to set up a google+ account, a Facebook page and an Instagram account as well, and most important I have to start creating content. As for now I will slowly on start up the channel and soon when I have a few videos online and made some steps in executing the idea a little better, then I will also share and promote this channel among friends, family and the outside world. Currently it will be a bit hidden and a nice easter egg for some to be found.

Another thing I started is a business related Facebook page where I can promote my professional work as a photographer, filmmaker etc. This will have a more commercial aim, and very soon I will launch a new website as well where I present older work (documentary series) and newer work with a more commercial focus, at least all what doesn't fit on my current website.

All in all I keep on working and fighting to make this happen, trying to sell myself in and around the creative industry as a (content) maker and developer while still making my personal art works and also trying to apply for jobs at any place possible, even the bugerfastfoodchain supply, if you know what I mean.
Nonetheless life seems to roll on and I keep on moving even though it seems a little sound on the front.

More stories on this blog will come, mostly in a more enjoying and funny way also about less funny matters such as the pain in the ass topics as Slovene bureaucracy and about not getting paid for doing a job but also about meeting great people and drinking snaps. And sure about upcoming project plans as well.

For now this was ja randomly made update about my current state in life, a life which seems to starts taking shape in this land of evergreen mountains, where I at least already manage to get an official address permit, meaning I official can stay, hurray.

And of course if you want to, any help or support is more then welcome, please contact me for any question, tip or idea but above all make sure that you share my website, work and profiles on Facebook, linkedin etc with everyone you know, and let them know I would love to work and make things happen.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Going commercial

Going commercial

I would hope so, I mean sure it will be nice if I sooner or later, rather sooner, start to make a living out of my life and work. One way to that is is by simply selling art works which I very recently started to do via PattyMorgan online art gallery founded in the Netherlands.
See previous blog post for a example of that or just visit my section by clicking the following link:

another way of getting more commercial is by trying to sell my expertise as a maker, photographer, videographer, editor, writer etc.

Therefor I am currently working on a new website to promote my work and skills, but also working on get my skills and work spread out among different media platforms. One of such is a social media kinda-like platform for creative industry. The website is founded and in that sense located in the UK and therefor also must of its users still though I believe it is another way to present my work and get more viewers and hopefully known and picked up.

Being and artist and work in the creative field nowadays requires more of a different approach then for example 20 years ago. and I have to focus on selling a broad spectrum of work that I can deliver on a global market.

for an view on my more commercial aimed portfolio visit my profile at thedots;

A new website with more info and full portfolio plus cv will soon be launched. First things first.

thedots & pattymorgan


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Flow, 5th Winter, Untitled - Work for Sale

Work for sale, edition print from upcoming project Flow.

An edition reproduction print of this photograph with written text can be purchased via Patty Morgan (Online art gallery in the Netherlands).
Buyer will receive a 15x21 cm sized reproduction printed on fine art paper, mounted on foam (this is additional, yet included in the price) Price is including shipping within the Netherlands.
Print will be signed, dated and numbered and comes with a certificate and a short written, personal thank you letter for the buyer.

In the near future also the original work (written text on photo print) will become on sale, however this will obviously an edition of 1 and therefore considered as a unique piece, having influence on the price rate.

More information and ordering please visit the me on Patty Morgan:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Flow (2) Bringing flow back alive. (essay)

Picking up and renewing an old project.

It was somewhere in the autumn of 2013 when I started on 'Flow'. In September that year I had come to a point that I was done with photography, done with stress, disappointments and frustrations or what not else that came along with doing photography projects and making photo documentaries. It is hard to recall the exact feeling and explain in detail what exactly had been bothering me at the time but I do remember the strong desire to do something else for a while. At that very moment I was studying photography at the art academy and just enrolled into my third year.

After all I of course didn't really quite photographing, actually quite the opposite had happened. I started to photography even more, only without much limitations, rules, direction or any purpose. It had freed me to a certain extent, that is what I had been longing for the most. Although I did need some work-frame and thus I decided to solely shoot with a analog camera and only use black and white film, motivated by the fact that it would allow me to easily develop the films myself. And at same time not being able to really see what I had photographed till I decided to develop the rolls, which mostly happened only up to two or three weeks after shooting.

I used a cheap 35mm camera, its brand I don't consider as relevant now, but the relevant part is that I kept it simple in a sense that I only used one camera, which I carried around 24/7. It became the tool which helped me documenting my life and make notes. I photographed everything randomly, anything I felt was needed to be snapped would find a place on one of the many rolls. 
But slowly on I started to loose a little on my framework I had created, which was solely technical. I also started to write notes, and anecdotes, some poems and fictional short stories. And eventually also drawings and sketches and later on also stepped away from my limit of analogue photography by shooting videos material with an old DV-camcorder. It became a diverse collection of material, 
a rare documentation of my daily life.

It had all started aimlessly and purposeless, freed from any pressure. But slowly started to get a form, simply by accepting that it was a documentation of daily life. And since I was still a art student I had to make a 'project', I should develop after all as a student, a maker, and as a potential artist.

Thus I considered the material as a potential project. And from avoiding making photographs and making project I rolled back into that process of creating and making again. Of course this is a brief explanation of what had happened and the process I went through and it is possible to dive deeper in that process, analyses and explain it more precisely, nonetheless I will have to skip that and I make a big leap. The point of my story is that this process resulted into a project which is now know as 'Flow'. A digital presentation (can been found on my website) of photographs, videos and written text. Even though flow doesn't contain all the material I had made and is still a selection, and also have been in the state of on hold, it has always have been there to been picked up again.

But it needed time, a lot of time and it is now that I can reflect upon it differently and see both the strong and weak sides of this project but also the relation and similarities with the projects I have made after Flow.

Always have I had issues in working on projects, at least into finalizing , concluding them etc. Still though I managed to successfully finish the art academy, and even graduated from a Master program very recently. I am finished being an art student, have had dealt with many frustrations etc related to artistic process and projects, and now again came to a point where I need to free myself. And find fresh energy and a focused way to continue my artistic practice.

Flow, even after it became officially a project, had worked for me because it could continue endlessly with the process of making, as long as I wished for and was almost borderless, it give a all lot of freedom and inspiration and avoid many things I though of as not my piece of cake, all in all it worked very fine to me.

Working on flow was as making a visual sketchbook public, as a artistic blog. It more or less represents me at that time, me as a maker, visual artist, thinker, me as a person as a human being.  And when looking back on flow, with all the other works in mind I have developed over the recent years, I dare to consider flow as my first attempt to show the blueprint of my personal and artistic mind and stream of thoughts and ideas with a poetic and romantic, sometimes gloomy, melancholic and nostalgic tone.

Only later in my time at the academy I started to develop a way of working wherein my process of making, researching and thinking etc would become the work itself. During my graduation period at the art academy I was doing a research on the road/travel movie genre. A research into this specific film genre to figure out its meaning and development in relation to current social issues as well as the visual language of this genre and its development. I made different artistic works along side my research and writing the thesis, I made various reactions on the theme in many different forms but never really finished a piece or came to any clear conclusion. Again I got stuck in the process, which I personally didn't mind at any rate, I considered the research and artistic process as more fun and important then any conclusion or official end, as cliché as it is the project became a travel story itself, where being on the way is more important then any destination.

Later on during my studies a Master program I had the same troubles in both keeping focus, and working towards a direct end conclusion and finishing the project. And I attempted multiple times to avoid a certain part of process which is mainly considered as important.

I was working on a project named 'In search for a sublime blue' where I was searching for the blue which can only be seen in mountains on the far horizon. An attempt to capture that unreachable forever distant blue, but even more a attempt to capture the attempt and search itself. 
Also here the project functions as a double metaphor, the distant blue (on the horizon) as the desire to never arrive, and keep searching and wandering boundlessly.

Despite the many misunderstandings, from both sides, on how I wished to work and create and design my work process, I managed to find a way to finish off the project into a single screen video projection, and as I use to call a 'visual novel', due to its tone and use of text.

I am assure that this blue project has still potential to become more then this single film. But more interesting at this moment I am assure the process, despite how much I have hated, did help me to unconsciously develop me even more as a maker. Here I am again, planning to make a restart with Flow, however this time with different focus. I will free myself again, yet I will as well use the tools and skills I have developed during my recent studies and projects.

I will start over again with Flow, this time I will not limit myself by techniques and use any tool I prefer to work with, from black and white photography to color and video, sounds recordings, text etc. What will be a focus point is that it will get a very strong poetic and novelistic character with a autobiographical reference. It will become contain notes of daily events, experiences, thoughts and so on, mixed with a visualization of my artistic process and reflections. Flow just as it once was be as a sketchbook, as well as a visual autobiography.

In the past years, since I had launched the first Flow project, I have been keep collecting images, photographs, writings, videos etc which together give this honest and personal inside. But also will function to reflect not merely upon me but can be relevant to everyone and a reflection upon the arts.

It will be a flow of information, in a form of which I believe is close to how we communicated nowadays and will become a dominant communication form in our near future. I have personal fascination and believe that we will soon arrive in a post-image society. Meaning images will still surround us, and most likely more and more, but also become more intertwined with many different forms of communication. Photographs, videos, animation, graphics, drawings, illustrations, text, symbols will soon be adapt as one. Our ways of communicating keeps changing and I believe that language in general (this might also be related to the fast globalization and and the obstacle of different languages) slowly will become a more visual-based language, one that everyone can and will understand. This will also have influences on literature and most fascinating this will push the world of literature to develop and renew itself. I see flow also as a opportunity to use it as a test case for experimenting with the concept of the visual novel. Creating autobiographic literature where text goes together with visuals and sound.

Just as in my road movie project and my search for blue, will Flow be a project without a end or destination, without conclusion and without a guideline an ever growing collection as a reflection upon life. Still this story is very abstract and might be somehow hard to grasps but as soon Flow(2) will be launched I am sure it will clear up a lot. Also will I come back on some points, discussed earlier in this text.

In 2018 I will publishing the new digital version of Flow with chapters to give it some focus and linearity.

Eventually I would work on a non digital publication as well. Also will I start designing and developing a strategy to present the work in an spacial and exhibition worthy form. And will the work soon being presented on various platforms and arenas.

More info will follow up soon, for now all I say flow will soon be reborn.

In case of any questions, suggestions or other forms of interest please do not hesitate to contact me.

**images follow up later**

Sunday, January 1, 2017

In Search for the Sublime Blue:

Work in progress  / sketchbook material

Just a little  blog post on the first of January.
A digital image scan of my workbook showing the first reparation for an mountain hike on and around Storžič and a photograph of a selection of 10x15 photo prints and a (very) short story in my workbook. All part of my search for the sublime blue light.

Scan of sketchbook, Dec 2016

Work in Process, December 2016, Kranj, Slovenia

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

In search for the Sublime Blue: abstraction


Still I am on my journey to find that Sublime blue, that particular light but I got lost in a landscape so minimal that it felt as if I was caught in a abstract painting.

"Untitled Blue #3"


Sunday, December 25, 2016

In Search for the Sublime Blue:

In Search for the Sublime Blue:

Trip To Storžič 

It's another day I planned a new field trip. This time I will head for my befriended mount Storžič. A summit some two hour walk North East of Kranj, my home town for the time being.

I knew that somewhere around
Storžič and the surrounding hills the light will be (when the weather is perfect and according to the local weather forecast it should that day) perfect and shall fall in between the mountains in a mystic way and it must be easy to find that sublime blue light I am looking for.

If the weather was good. Only I couldn't really predict that and apparently neither the local weather forecast. The milky white clouds which formed during the past night, 
didn't disappear by sunrise and it would stay for the rest of the day. The clouds were so low and so thick that sunlight wasn't only diffused by it but also gave the land a monotone grey-blueish tint.

I when I left early in that morning, still with hope for better weather and a clear sky in the coming afternoon, the sky looked pale grey. The idea of giving up the potential of this very day never crossed my mind, with unintentional obstinacy I went on, heading towards the foot of the mountain. All I carried with me was hope, 
obstinate hope that during the day this mass of clouds would break open and sunlight would come through.

But the further I got, the more time passed, the later it became meaning that I got closer to the time of sunset, and then there won't be any light at all. I would have to turn back, and find my way in the dark night through a damp forrest for at least 3 kilometers.

And not only time passed and the kilometers under my feet I also started to gain hight with every step I took in the direction of the mountains I got closer to the altitude of 900 meters, or 889 meters to be precise. That's were sv. Lovrenc is situated, a little white church on top of the hill on the foot of mount
Storžič and looking out over Bašelj.

I had at least 10 kilometers behind me and passed
Bašelj when I started to get surrounded by thick mist. Everything around me became covered with fog and before I knew I was completely sucked up in a bleached white out landscape. I must have enter the same altitude that clouds found as there place to rest this grey December day.

I realized that this must be the clouds, I feel a rush of energy inside me knowing now that if this are the clouds then I can get through them. I can get on the other side, I can get on top of them. Reach the sun, if the sun doesn't break through then I will do, I just have to climb as high as needed. And since I was on my way up to
Storžič anyway, that wouldn't be that much of a problem.

But until now I only got lost in the clouds. The surrounding landscape disappeared in the thick fog which enclosed me as an white blanket, wetting my cloths and cooling my face.

Only in the forrest, more up hill it did open up again, even though this happened just a tiny bit, it gave a certain feeling of release. It seemed like the trees could prevent the clouds from entering the forrest all the way to ground level, although they couldn't prevent the cold from making them turn frosty white. I was caught in a winter wonderland with no view on any sky.

When I reached the top of the hill with the church on it, I was certain that I now was the epic center of the clouds. The church was barely visible, even from a few meters distance and the view on the valley all the way to Kranj and further, which you normally have from here was totally covered by this dense white wall of what is simply just water. The idea that an panoramic view stretches out just a few meters in front of me behind this white curtain made me shiver.
I turned around the church knowing there should be a path behind it leading me me higher up, above the clouds. to be continued...   

all images © Martijn van Mierlo 2016